Our Wines

We have launched, and sold out of, 3 wines since 2010.  We continue to search for quality wine that we can bring to you under the Rare Earth label and what the label represents ... a good quality everyday drinking wine ... that is of exceptional value.

Sauvignon Blanc 2011

A refreshing, crisp and aromatic wine with a good acid and fruit balance.  It has wonderful hints of green apple, green pepper and touch of tropical fruit with a delicious lingering finish of green fig flavours that is structured by the acid backbone.   A straight forward wine with subtle complexities, refreshing, and easy drinking qualities that delivers real value for money.


R35 / bottle

R210 / 6-bottle case


Unwooded Chardonnay 2010

Sourced from the Elgin Valley, a crisp and light wine with a fresh lingering minerality with aromas of pear, melon, and ripe apples, with undertones of citrus and peach.  Fresh ripe flavours with classical varietal characteristics and easy drinking qualities.


R40 / bottle

R240 / 6-bottle case


Shiraz 2011

Sourced from the Elgin Valley and elegantly crafted for us by renowned winemaker Cathy Marshall.

This is a medium bodied, soft, well-rounded wine that abounds with thick black berry fruit, vanilla and hints of white pepper. The wine has been matured in small French barrels for 12-months and can be enjoyed immediately or stored for a few years.


R50 / bottle

R300 / 6-bottle case